Media Volunteer Descriptions

Audio Operator:

  • Operates audio console creating clear and balanced audio mixes for worship services and video broadcasts
  • Responsible for sound checks, volume and quality of sound
  • Arrives Sundays with the worship team for soundcheck and service run through
  • Compliments worship team and Pastor by delivering their message so it can by understood and heard by all members of the congregation and broadcast audience
  • Experience is preferred, but not required as long as you are open to learning!

ProPresenter Operator:

  • Responsible for operating lyric, text, and video graphics during worship services and video broadcasts
  • Remains alert during the songs and advances the lyric slides in time with the music
  • Follows along with the the sermon and advances slides to the appropriate scriptures and points
  • Arrives Sundays with worship team for service run through to ensure all lyrics, texts and videos are correct and in the right order
  • No previous experience necessary!

Lighting Operator (Connection Service)

  • Operates Lighting console for Sunday rehearsals and services
  • Helps create an inviting worship environment during musical worship time and messages
  • Reviews all songs & service order during morning rehearsals to have an understanding of the structure and flow of each service
  • Follows along with songs triggering pre-programmed cues at precise moments
  • No previous experience necessary! 

Camera Operator (Cornerstone/Connection Services)

  • The eyes of the production
  • Follows the direction of the Producer/Director
  • Sets up shots and angles for the Producer/Director to use
  • No previous experience necessary!

Broadcast Producer/Director(Cornerstone/Connection Services)

  •  You are the story teller, you choose what the broadcast audience sees
  •  Responsible for directing camera operators in choosing shots
  •  Uses various camera shot to show best what is happening in the service
  •  Choosing when to cue graphics (names, song titles, etc)

Broadcast Graphics/Camera Shading(Cornerstone Service)

  • Graphics gives extra information during the service
  • Song titles, names and sermon notes for broadcast all come from graphics
  • Shading is controlling the overall brightness of the cameras to create consistency for broadcast