2022 Deacon Nominations

Dear First Baptist Church of Tifton Member:

According to the new Constitution and Bylaws, it is time for you to nominate candidates for the church Body of Deacons.

Below are
1) the qualifications for deacon as set forth in the Bylaws, along with their duties
2) a list of current deacons and those who rotated off in the last two years, all of whom are not eligible to be reelected this year
3) link to Deacon Nomination Form

The Bylaws created a Deacon Qualification Committee. The committee members and Dr. Wayne Roe will meet and review all nominations.

It is now your privilege to make recommendations for nomination for membership on the Body of Deacons. The purpose is for you to nominate individuals whom you believe meet the qualifications of a deacon. Please pray earnestly and make nominations from those with whom you are personally familiar and believe will make a good deacon. You can nominate up to seven men since there will be seven members rotating off the Body of Deacons this year. The church is allowing 3 methods of voting as we move through this process: ballots can be turned in via mailing to Deacon Qualification Committee, 404 Love Avenue, Tifton, Georgia 31794; placing ballots in an offering plate at a Sunday service; or submitted electronically by filling out the attached form. Please use the method you feel most comfortable with. However, your nominations must be returned to First Baptist Church and be received by Monday August 8, 2022, at 10:00am. The ballot must have a legible name and signature to be counted. The purpose of the signature is to ascertain you are a member of First Baptist Church.

The Deacon Qualification Committee shall then compile a list of the nominees who meet minimal qualifications and are willing to serve. A ballot of all qualified nominees in alphabetical order will be distributed to the church members to elicit your vote.

Your prayerful diligence in this process is sincerely appreciated.

Harold Abbott
Chairman of the Body of Deacons

Dr. W. Wayne Roe
Senior Pastor